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Lead Pastor

Staff Questions: Mike Lugones


Hometown: I’m an island boy… Key West, Florida


Favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11 –For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a hope and future.


Favorite movie: Braveheart… A man fighting for his country and love… Willing to give his life, what’s not to love. 


Favorite sport: Football


Favorite meal: Breakfast. Bread, bread, eggs, and more bread. With cream cheese of course! 


Favorite college or pro team: Miami Dolphins. (If we could only get Marino to unretire)


Favorite travel destination: Anywhere with my Wife. 


When did you become a staff member at LPC? March 2018


How long have you been married? 21 years. We are still best friends and madly in love and make out. 


How many children do you have? 4, a tall, strong one; a beautiful, creative one; a handsome, smart one; and a cute, sassy one that thinks she’s the boss. 


What was your favorite memory growing up in church? I didn’t grow up in church… I found Jesus at 16 years old. My favorite moments from then were the long talks with my Youth Pastor Robert Whitecotton.


What would be your most enjoyable day? Wake up to a big breakfast with my wife and 4 kids. Followed by a day of fun exploring with them. Then finishing off with a date with my wife that night where we laugh and enjoy each other’s company.