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Claresa Sikes

Worship Pastor

Staff Questions for website: Claresa Sikes      


Hometown: Bonifay, FL


Favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11


Favorite movie: P.S. I Love You


Favorite sport: Football


Favorite meal: Steak – Medium Rare Please


Favorite college or pro team: Alabama - Roll Tide


Favorite travel destination: Anywhere on a cruise ship


When did you become a staff member at LPC? September 2018


How long have you been married? 2.5 Years


How many children do you have? None


What was your favorite memory growing up in church? As a pastor’s kid who lived in the parsonage beside the church, there were a few nights after church that I woke up under a pew with all of the lights off in the church.  My mom forgot me….. 


What would be your most enjoyable day? 40 degrees in the most beautiful mountains, in the middle of fall, 30 foot up a tree, waiting for a monster buck.