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Janelle Webster

Mission Pastor

Hometown: Crestview, FL


Favorite Bible verse: Zephaniah 3:17


Favorite movie: 


Favorite sport: Basketball


Favorite meal: Sushi


Favorite college or pro team: Warriors


Favorite travel destination: Emerald Coast beaches 


When did you become a staff member at LPC? April 2019


How long have you been married? 


How many children do you have? None, yet!!!


What was your favorite memory growing up in church? I didn’t grow up in church, but my favorite memory of being at church was in Kolkata, India. We were in worship and the electricity went.  Instead of the church being surprised and the worship stopping, the congregation actually sang louder with more energy in those few minutes.  It was just our voices and hearts being used for worship. 


What would be your most enjoyable day? 90 degrees, laying out on a beach or out on a boat with emerald color water at my feet.