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Children's Pastors

Staff Questions:    Stanley Cosner


Hometown: Fort Ashby WV.  It’s a small town where all directions begin with the same three words: “At the stoplight.”


Favorite Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6.  My Sunday School teacher had that verse drilled into me.


Favorite movie: Any whimsical-travel-adventure-comedy.  Is that a genre?


Favorite sport: Motocross and Ice Hockey.


Favorite meal: Tacos!


Favorite college or pro team: This is a dangerous question in the SEC, so I’ll answer with the Pittsburg Penguins hockey team.


Favorite travel destination: The next one!


When did you become a staff member at LPC?June 2016


How long have you been married? Since our wedding day on February 28th, 2016.


How many children do you have? Do two spoiled dogs count?


What was your favorite memory growing up in church? This question has brought back a flood of wonderful questions, but I genuinely can’t pick just one. 


What would be your most enjoyable day? Heather and I go somewhere we have never been and doing something we have never done.